RECOATS: To maintain the appearance of your floor, we recommend to recoat your floor every one to two years, depending on the amount of use. Our service includes us preparing your floors, vacuum and track your floors and applying two coats of finish.  REFINISHING:  If you have a wood or synthetic existing floor that needs some sprucing up, we can help there, too.  We can sand floors down to the bare material, re-stripe the game lines and logos, and apply the necessary seal and finish coats. After Refinishing REPAIRS: We repair water damaged floors, broken boards, etc. We will work closely with you and your insurance company, to accurately assess the problem, and determine a course of action.  N8121 Industrial Drive Ixonia, WI 53036 Phone: (920) 261-4800 - Fax: (920) 261-4802 Email:          Maintenance of Your Sports Floor Before Refinishing
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